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Apex builds on it's past success and now includes car and bike insurance to it's product offering Get a quote here.

Apex Motorcycle & Automotive Insurance

To bring fair and economical insurance free from outdated prejudices, Apex was created in partnership with Compare Car Insurance for automotive insurance and Hollard Insurance to be South Africa’s premium car and bike insurer. Get a quote right away or read on to learn more about our services.

As specialists, Apex delivers insurance expertise to bikers to make sure that their bikes as well as expensive accessories are always adequately financially protected against loss.

Apex understands that the majority of today's bikers don't deserve their 'high risk' reputation because the biking community has changed significantly over the past two decades.

Today's high-priced machines are expensive weekend toys, affordable only to affluent professionals. Yet the Biker Gang image persists in the minds of many and means the ‘high risk’ insurance premium calculations of bike owners is out of synch with today's reality. Read some of our happy clients testimonials.


Hollard and Apex use individualised underwriting criteria, based on in-depth research and reality rather than outdated bogus group reputations.

What this means to Apex’s low risk policyholders is that they will enjoy massive premium savings and not be subsidizing high risk individuals, which is the current practice in the insurance industry.

Apex is aware that there are some bikers – just like there are some car drivers – who are careless and are high risk individuals.  But these are a minority and it is unfair to penalise low-risk, careful bikers and drivers, with high premiums in order to pay for the behaviour of a minority.  This is why ‘individualised underwriting’ is so important to bike and premium car owners looking for a fair and honest deal from their insurer and their broker.

The Apex team is made up of smart insurance professionals and understand bikes and performance car owners.  With about 400 000 registered bikes on the road there are specialist consumers who need thorough bike and performance car knowledge from his or her insurance professional – and that’s what Apex is all about.

Apex specialist insurance advice and individualised underwriting is available to brokers as well as direct to bikers who don’t have a preferred broker.


For the convenience of brokers, Apex has an Underwriting Manager channel where brokers can place their client's specialist motorcycle insurance. We fully understand and respect that clients build relationships with their comprehensive brokers.

Our service to brokers is to give them specialist underwriting backup and advice to pass on to their clients so brokers can  make their clients are adequately covered – including specialist accessories and riding gear that is often overlooked by non-specialists.


It is vital that costly accessories are properly listed to avoid unhappy clients at claims time. Leathers alone can cost at least R25 000, a helmet R7000 and aftermarket exhausts as much as R25 000.

In the motor insurance industry the importance of listing 'accessories' on an insurance policy is well understood by brokers as well as most consumers.  However, this is not the case when insuring today's magnificent biking machines together with high priced accessories.

It is the consumer who suffers if they are inadequately advised.

This is what sets Apex apart.  We have the expertise to tell brokers and consumers all they need to know about bike and car insurance so that any loss will be fully paid in a claim.